• Zedekiah's Cave

Shadows from the Bowles of the Earth

In one of the most breath-taking places in the Old City, in a place from which the stones of the Herod Temple were quarried and ancient history echoes between its walls, two live performances that will evoke new sounds from the bowls of the earth, will take place. Aviv Geffen, a classical icon of local rock music, will play his greatest hits on a unique stage set in the cave. And the day after will feature Keren Peles, one of the most loved singers in Israel and a shaper of the popular music of recent years, with an intimate and exciting performance. These two shows are a one-off and unique opportunity to enjoy their music in a special location and an atmosphere, unlike any other.

Wednesday · 3.4 · Shadows from the Bowles of the Earth

Thursday · 4.4 · Shadows from the Bowles of the Earth

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