• Mish'ol HaPninim Garden

Original Production

The magic of music should be celebrated with family and friends, neighbors and acquaintances, and mostly – with as many musicians as possible, with as many instruments and voices as possible. This year, at Mish’ol HaPninim Garden, various bands and ensembles invite you to enjoy one-off breath-taking performances – Hadag Nahash will get you in to the groove machine, the Israel Camerata Jerusalem will feature Shlomi Shaban, Jerusalem Orchestra East West will feature Nasreen Qadri, Ofer Levi will sing to the tunes of Firqat Alnoor, and more. This is the place to dance to the sounds of east and west, this is the opportunity to celebrate the meeting of classical and modern spirits, this is your one-time chance to enjoy the vibrating combinations taking place only here.

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