• Bonei Yerushalayim Garden

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Every evening, the biggest stars of Israel will gather live on stage in the Bonei Yerushalayim Garden for the most talked-about performances in the country with the music we all love. This is the place to hear and see the variety of styles and sounds that make up the soundtrack of our life here. Dance in the Liron Amram’s Hafla, twirl with Liran Danino, get excited with Avraham Tal, travel to Yemen with Gulaza, take a trip around Africa with Yossi Fine and Ben Aylon, taste the flavors of Morocco with Shimon Buskila and Narkis, dance the Middle East away with Ethnix and Zehava Ben, and also with Dudu Aharon and Lina Makhoul, get excited with Marina Maximilian and Nurit Galron, or choose to hear the excellent rock music of Monica Sex.

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